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You look for clarity and orientation in important personal or business questions?


Here you find essential answers, deep insight & implementation. Clarity & Impact. Leaders are built in times of change, when all is new. We specialise in leadership + change services for company management, consultancy services for investors and start-ups.

More information about our coaching work in the New Book SOURCES OF HOME – The essence from many coaching conversations “What to do, if everything changes?” – how to master change with self-confidence.

A new land and a new situation have different vibes, rules, people, do’s and don’ts – We invite you to find who this new situation invites you to be!   To your success, S.M. Marya   The aim is to train the inner attitude of “I can shape this”. The tone and attitude of our work together is empowering to create the life you love. LIVE YOUR PASSION!

Leadership Essence & First Principles

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

When transformation and power is involved, you need a new narrative for the future. We show you how to use your leadership essence to stay in pole position. The particular combination of certainty, wisdom, gentleness, clarity and patience.

The Situation Room

The Situation Room



Zoom Out

Zoom Out

  • ZOOM OUT: Principle

THE FIRST PRINCIPLE. ZOOM OUT. Remain hypervigilant to sense changing conditions and respond effectively.

ZOOM OUT:  Be Hypervigilant. 
- Sense a change in conditions,
- Access the time frame,
- Assess with rigor: Do the new conditions call for change of plans? If, so how?

ASK. How much time before the risk profile changes?



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Zoom In

Zoom In

  • ZOOM IN: First Principle

Take action. Have the passion for a cause larger than yourself, infused with the will to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

ZOOM IN:  Move boldly into supreme execution

ASK. How can we make this happen?


  • “If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.” – Elon Musk, 2017
  • “After successful start – because of the lack of funding, the global project was close to failure. The Board had decided to stop the construction, and already started to tear down the existing parts. But the entrepreneur, against the decision of the Board, decided to give up his earnings and to find funding to continue the construction. Each evening, he asked unknown people for money (crowdsourced) to pay for the vision of an extraordinary spiritual place that will be finished in 100+ years. Many people believed he had gone crazy, but he had the support of ordinary people and the brightest personalities.” The rest is history. The Sagrada Familia, Gaudí Story, 1916.


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Move Like A Tiger

Move Like A Tiger

  • Move Like A Tiger: First Principle


A tiger’s whole body is expressive. When hunting for a certain aim. 

Everything they do. Is towards the aim. A decision is measured by the fact that you have taken a new action. If there is no action, you have not truly decided.

Use the ground you are given.

ASK. What move will you make towards the aim?


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Immersive power practices to stay in power center, no matter what happens around you!

Succeed in new land and decisive situations with self-confidence



Leadership + Transformation

Learn immersive power practices to stay in power center, no matter what happens around you!

Transform your experience of change and expand international business in abundance. This highly practical hands-on intensive is a mix of action and practice empowering you and your team to live your passion and purpose, feel confident in the new, navigate the moments of doubt and pressure, and immediately feel empowered by tangible results in your new life and business situation.

During this live interactive time together you will discover:

  • Reach One Major Goal Within The First 4 Weeks
  • Create A New Identity That Makes You Feel Deeply Fulfilled And Get Results
  • Have A Clear Route To Every Goal and Flourish In Unfamiliar Settings With Grace.
  • Learn Power Practices To Stay In Power Center No Matter What Happens Around You
  • Navigate 3am Moments And Use The Hidden “Rules” Of The New In Your Favor
  • Individual Counsel Available, Weekly Power Practices, Live Training Sessions

When things change, roles shift and redefine – we help you create a rock solid new foundation.

Interested? Have questions? For Enquiries for Workshops, Trainings please contact Sandra Marya  here or contact vip@strategysherpa.com.


Work with us

STRATEGY SHERPA Sparring, Leadership Coaching, Workshops, Strategy Sessions, Transformation Process, Weekends & Retreats, Business Development, Live Events

Sandra Marya is a tech entrepreneur, executive coach for leadership + transformation; specialises in strategic consultancy services for company management (supervisory boards, executive boards, managing directors), consultancy services for investors and start-ups, with 10+ years in international business leadership in international corporates and own business.
Industry expertise: Finance, Media, Mobile, Connected Tech, Fintech, Blockchain.
Service Areas: Sparring, Sounding Board, Growth, Innovation, Transformation Management, C-Suite, Special Situations, Crisis, Pressure, Family Office, Exponential Change.
Deep Dive: Augmented Human, Digital Humanism, Perpetual Change, Digital Transformation, Deep Innovation, AR, VR, Blockchain.
Credentials: Masters in Business, Majors in Finance and Organizational Design. Masters Certificate in Eastern Europe: Business Development in Emerging Markets, CEE/SEE. Architecture and Design. Singularity University.

Interested? Have questions? Contact us to schedule a coffee call  here or contact vip@strategysherpa.com.


Venture Strategy

STRATEGY SHERPA works with executives, entrepreneurs, and international teams to navigate and win change and high-pressure situations. Strictly confidential.

Business Development

STRATEGY SHERPA works with international clients in London and New York spanning America, Europe and Asia in Business Development and New Business.


From International Business and Life Coach Sandra Marya

“SOURCES OF HOME: Inspiration for travelers”

This book is to empower and inspire travelers and humans, in times when your life changes. Every time you travel, every time life changes, you’re in a space of In-Between. When you travel in geography and in life, you will meet new parts of you which you didn’t know exist.

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Are you moving country, career or love right now?

We have helped hundreds of clients in personal coaching to create the epic new life fast that fulfills your highest potential and vision. My clients often call me after working together to say they feel the move was the best they’ve ever done, because of way we actively framed it in our coaching together.